Friday, 24 February 2012

How To Make Your Skin Glow In 15 Minutes?

Fifteen (15) minutes, easy procedure that will make your skin glowing and soft. The procedure is easy to apply and less expensive to avail, ultimately gives your face shine, softness and gentleness.
Here is how you do it:


01.    A Piece Of Papaya.
02.    A Dry Towel.
03.    A Gentle Toner/Moisturizer.


01.    Rub the piece of papaya on your face and neck gently for 15 minutes.
02.    Let the rubbed papaya sit on your face and neck for 15 minutes.
03.    Rinse off with warm water. (Warm water will open pores of your skin.)
04.    Rinse again with cool water. (Cool water now will close pores of your skin.)
05.    Perfectly dry your skin with dry towel with soft hand. (Don’t rub and scratch your skin, only put enough force that will only dry your skin.)
06.    Now touch your face and feel the difference.
07.    Definitely your face should feel and look much more glowing and feel good.
08.    Touch up with some moisturizer if required. If your face feels dry, just apply toner/moisturizer. (Use of natural moisturizer is enough good and best for your skin.)