Friday, 24 February 2012

How To Make Amla, Reetha And Shikakai Shampoo

Amla ,Reetha And Shikakai Makes An Excellent Chemical Free Shampoo:

Ø       Soak equal quantites of Amla ,Reetha And Shikakai ( 150 grams each ) in an iron vessel containing two litres of water.

Ø       Next day boil them till water reduces to half. Cool and use it as a shampoo to make your hair shiny and silky with strength.

Ø       You can also use Amla ,Reetha ,Shikakai (Tirphala For Hair Fall ) powder and make a paste with water. Apply on your hair for thirty (30) minutes and wash off.

Ø       Mix about half teaspoon of Shikakai powder in sufficient hot coconut oil to make a thin paste. Apply on your hair and massage gently for few minutes. Wash after an hour. This remedy will reduce hair fall and dandruff when done twice in a week for at least one month.